Wind Ventilators, Air, Turbo, Roof Turbine Ventilators, Industrial Wind Ventilators

MUKTA ENGINEERS having more than 15 years of Design, Consulting and Marketing experience has been promoting the "MUKTA" BRAND of Wind Driven Ventilators leading to more than 30,000 installations in India and Abroad.

Wind Ventilators

These Ventilators utilize wind and not electricity as their prime mover for effective ventilation...

Roof Ventilators

These Ventilators constitute a system of noiselessly passing the outside air to the roof...

Industrial Ventilators

Industrial Ventilators are in high demand in industries because they make the environment...

Wind Powered Exhaust Fans

These are non electric exhaust fans working 24 x 7, non stop with zero power consumption...

Air Ventilators

Air Ventilation is the intentional movement of air from outside a building to the inside. Air Ventilation used for providing acceptable indoor air quality.

Rotary Ventilators

A perfect partner of Pre Engineering Buildings, the Rotary Ventilators application is across various industries manufacturing from a needle to aircrafts.

Natural Wind Driven Ventilators

providing solutions for a vast range of roofing designs and install the same through the length and breadth of India.

Best Industrial Product

MUKTA ENGINEERS is an Enterprise based on the vision of providing environment friendly and cost effective, ventilation and roofing solutions to the Industry. MUKTA ENGINEERS has been actualized by a strong management & fully motivated team of forward thinking professionals who excel in their line of activity.

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How wind ventilator works ?

The turbine ventilator operates by utilising the velocity energy of the wind to induce air flow by centrifugal action The centrifugal force caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure area which draws air out through the turbine.

Best Industrial Product

Air drawn out by the turbine is continuously replaced by fresh air from the outside. The slightest breeze will cause the turbine ro spin and even after the breeze has stopped, the fly wheel effect of the rotor cage will use its stored energy to continuously remove air giving rise to ventilation. Suction is maintained even at low wind velocities.

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Step by step since 2000 with meticulous planning, quality & reliability of equipments with prompt after sales services which is a mere positive result of our expertise & confidence has helped us to construct the strong base of clientele.